The Outhouse…

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Homeplace Outhouse

Outhouses were not too uncommon in Stoney Creek, Tennessee when I was growing up.  Not everyone had one, but there were plenty of them still standing and waiting for “emergencies”.  I doubt many people in the good ol’ USA today ever experienced the joys of the call of nature without indoor plumbing. We were actually lucky. We at least had running water in the kitchen, and by the time I was about 8 or 9 years old, we even had hot water! But the modern bathroom was a long time coming to our house in the country.  Oh, we had a room we called “the bathroom”. When my grandfather built the house we grew up in in 1932, he must have had big plans for indoor plumbing at some time in the future, because of this odd little room that we always referred to as the bathroom.  About the only resemblance it had to a real bathroom was it’s size. Small! Continue reading

K&K Double Bass And Guitar Pickups…

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The K&K "Bassmax"

We have carried and installed several different brands of pick-ups for the double bass in our shop.   We have not had spectacular success with any of them, but I’m sure there are brands that we have not tried also.  Our bass customers were needing a good sounding pick-up that hopefully didn’t cost an arm and leg, and I felt that we weren’t able to give  them the best there was out there.  We have been selling and installing the Fishman bass pickup. Not because it was great, but because none of the others were any better and I had always had good luck with their acoustic guitar pickups.  They were very reliable and it wasn’t too difficult to install, unlike some other brands that were a nightmare.  One day one of our customers asked us if we had tried the  K & K Bassmax double  bass pickup. We hadn’t, and were discouraged with the one we were using, so we ordered one just to try. Continue reading

The Swamp Cabin…

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Growing Up On The Farm…

Life increased in interestingness for me at about the age of 10 or 12. That was when the Stover boys conned their dad into building a cabin for them in the swamp behind their home. I have no idea what they promised to get such a feat accomplished, but their dad always said that he “may have been drinking” when the event transpired. His answer sounded reasonable, as back then almost everyone “may have been drinking” at some time or another in Stoney Creek.

Stoney Creek, TN.

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Best Lit’l Bugzapper in Texas…

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This review is from: Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2-Acre Coverage (Lawn & Patio)

The Very Serious Flowtron BK-15D

We had a yellow jacket nest under our porch and tried several things to get rid of them. Didn’t want to spray them as they could possibly get very angry and find a way into our house (old 1800’s). Borrowed a “Stinger” bug zapper to set it in front of the entrance hole. Waste of time! Zapper was made so that the bees would have to land on the zapper, crawl thru the tiny openings, fly over to the first screen wire electrode, land on it, crawl thru the screen, then crawl over to the second screen wire electrode which looked to be about 3/8″ away, and make sure they were touching both screens before getting zapped. All it accomplished was to get them mad! Continue reading

The Nikon P6K (P6000) Camera…

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Nikon P6000

I remember when I first saw a photo ad of the Nikon P6K. I thought I was looking at a DSLR camera at first, until I realized it was a small bridge camera. (The word “bridge” is used to describe a camera between a consumer point and shoot (P&S) and a professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR). I had been looking for a good high-end compact camera for some time and could not find what I thought would be an ideal camera.   The P6K  had all the bells and whistles I was looking for plus a few I could do without. I searched for reviews on the camera and they were not very promising.  But this camera was a looker! OK, I know that you shouldn’t buy things just because they look like they may have been designed really well, but …  well…  this camera  was a reeaaal good looker. Continue reading